Terms and Conditions

PayCo Exchanger operates and provides its services under the following terms and conditions. It is best to read this agreement before making any transaction with or using the services of PayCo Exchanger.


  1. Utama-Exchange's exchange service provides its clients only automated electronic exchange between other online payment processing system.

  2. In order to use the service, you must have at least two different online payment accounts, one of them must be PayCo.

  3. This Agreement takes effect since you create a transaction with us.

  4. This Agreement regulate the relationship between you and our company and substitute all the prior negotiations between us.

Terms of Use

  1. PayCo Exchanger offers e-currency to e-currency exchange services only. Should PayCo Exchanger decide to change some or all aspects of its services or provide additional services other than e-currency to e-currency exchange, PayCo Exchanger shall duly inform all those concerend. Furthermore, PayCo Exchanger reserves the right to add or change some or all aspects of its services.

  2. PayCo Exchanger guarantees that it has the ability to provide all its stated services, that is to sell e-currencies in exchange for other types of e-currencies. Should there be problems such as, but not limited to, technical difficulties, which could impede PayCo Exchanger's regular operations and prevent all users from accessing the site or any of its services, PayCo Exchanger shall send a notification informing all users of such problems.:

    • If any of the account name/number is incorrect or invalid.
    • If there is no sufficient amount of e-currency needed in a particular transaction.
    • If PayCo Exchanger sees an anomalous activity or activities being made through this website.
  3. Every transaction is subject to a corresponding fee. The transaction fee shall be based on the amount of e-currency being exchanged. No other fees shall be charged on top of the transaction fee.

  4. Each transaction shall take 24 to 48 hours to be completed. If there is still no confirmation or any indication that the transaction has been completed, users may report to us directly through email. In the event that the exchange request is declined, PayCo Exchanger shall inform the user as soon as possible with the reason properly stated as to why a processing failure occured.


  1. PayCo Exchanger shall require the user to provide personal information and account details needed in order to complete a transaction. Obtaining such information does not permit PayCo Exchanger to share or sell the user's information to unauthorized third parties. However, in the event that its disclosure is required by a legal or regulatory entity and is in accordance to the law, PayCo Exchanger may consider to share such information to the authorities.

  2. The information required by PayCo Exchanger shall only be used to identify the user, to communicate with the user, and to provide its services to the user.

  3. All transactions and correspondence shall be monitored and recorded by PayCo Exchanger for purposes its deems necessary and appropriate. Nevertheless, PayCo Exchanger shall not share or sell the collected information to unauthorized third parties, unless required by a legal or regulatory entity.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

  1. PayCo Exchanger has created its Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML Policy) in accordance to the highest standards. It shall maintain, and even strengthen, its commitment to prevent the use of any of its services as means to carry out money laundering activities.

  2. PayCo Exchanger shall strictly abide by its AML Policy to detect suspicious activities within the system and to ensure that any of its services shall not be used in any illegal activities. In line with this, PayCo Exchanger shall thoroughly oversee the processing of all transactions and make sure that the identity of all users are duly verified.

Limitation of Liability

  1. PayCo Exchanger shall keep the user's personal information confidential. Nevertheless, users also bear the responsibility of keeping such information and other details pertaining to any transaction with PayCo Exchanger private. PayCo Exchanger shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to the user's legligence or non-compliance to this agreement.

  2. PayCo Exchanger shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any system failure or interruption that is either unforseeable or beyond its control. Nevertheless, in such cases, PayCo Exchanger shall inform all users of the current problem that may prevent them from using or accessing the site or any of its services. Users who continue to use the site or any of its services, despite prior notice, shall be resposible for their action and/or any loss or damage such action may incur.

  3. PayCo Exchanger shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to any error or failure caused by the user's erratic Internet Connection.

  4. PayCo Exchanger shall not be liable for failed transactions due to the incorrect or invalid details. Users have the responsibility of ensuring the correctness and validity of personal details they provide to PayCo Exchanger.